The Boriyad school system was founded by one family in 2015 with a kindergarten and primary division to grade 8 with the desire to offer high quality education to the children and young adults of Ethiopia Boriyad Youth Academy

Boriyad youth Academy is strongly committed to quality education from Pre – Kg through 7th grade. This education includes each child’s acquisition of the knowledge, skills and love of learning necessary for each stage of that child’s academic development. It also includes nurturing each child’s sense of self-worth, respect for others, community-mindedness, and overall emotional and physical well-being. The plan’s purpose is to provide the Boriyad School Systems Board of Directors and Administrators with a road map that will inform planning and decisions for the school during the next five years. It includes a key document that has critical relevance to decision makers in their discussions regarding issues such as academic priorities, allocation of resources, public communication and aspirations for the cultural tone of the school. To that end the plan includes a concisely expressed list of goals, objectives, and strategies with measurable outcomes by means of which the school Board and staff can be held accountable.

Our Philosophy, Mission and Vision

Educational Philosophy

The holistic philosophy of Boriyad School System promotes an ideal educational program with practice that balances students’ growth and development in all areas – academic, behavior and social. We promote the “WHOLE CHILD APPROACH” and encourage excellent academic areas such as English language, Mathematics and Science. A strong character development is essential for balanced students’ growth.

Mission Statement

Boriyad Youth Academy provides all students a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment where each student demonstrates ...

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